What Is A Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Carmen Rad
What Is A Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

Custom Puzzles, an Entertaining Trend in Digital Printing  


Custom puzzles are an interesting trend in digital printing and a good example of how surprising results can be obtained by repurposing traditional ideas. In fact, jigsaw puzzles date back to 18th century England. They were used initially as educational devices to teach geography, so maps were among the first images to be turned into puzzles. Soon, the potential of puzzles as a pastime became evident. By the 1860’s the puzzle trend had extended beyond maps to include other types of images, especially works of art. 


 With a Custom Puzzle, Your Life Is the Masterpiece 


Until not so long ago, most jigsaw puzzles available were masterpieces of paint, architecture and photography. Digital printing has changed that and nowadays anyone can order a customized puzzle to celebrate a special occasion or just to have a fun alternative to pass time. With a custom puzzle, your own life is the masterpiece. Any image that has a special meaning to you can become an original, innovative gift. Whether it’s a photo, a painting, or a drawing, all you have to do is provide the image you want to turn into a puzzle and the experts at Hashtagcutouts will take care of everything else. It couldn’t be easier! 


Puzzles Are a Gift that Keeps on Giving 


 Putting a puzzle together requires a lot of concentration, making it a great way to beat boredom. In fact, puzzles have been getting a lot of attention since last spring, when they became a global trend due to the pandemic. Lots of people are still staying at home and puzzle helps them take their mind off the monotony of lockdown routine. However, puzzles can be more than a simple hobby. Custom puzzles celebrate a moment or an image that is meaningful to you. And if you assemble them with the help of others, you can create even more amazing memories. Puzzles are truly a gift that keeps on giving! Once you have assembled your custom jigsaw puzzle, you can frame it. Or you can disassemble it and keep it at hand to work on it whenever you want. And the benefits don’t stop there. Puzzles are also good for your brain. Research shows that when you work on them you strengthen multiple cognitive abilities such as visual perception, mental rotation, perceptual reasoning and working memory.  






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