Matrix Themed Party Decorations

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Matrix Themed Party Decorations


        With the newly released trailer for the upcoming Matrix film, many have anticipated the long awaited return of one of the most polarizing and innovative trilogies we have ever seen. Confirmed back in August of 2020, the 4th film of the series is set to premiere on the 22nd of December and will feature once again the infamous Keanu Reeves. With the first trailer being released at the beginning of September, we couldn’t wait to get the party started so we created unique cutouts for some of the most iconic moments in the trilogy. 

Which pill will you choose? Red pill or Blue pill? 



        Take a step into the Matrix with our new Red pill and Blue pill candy jar cutouts! Create the perfect Matrix party decoration with our Red and Blue pill candy jar cutouts and let your guests decide their own fate. If they choose the Red pill, they follow Morpheus into the wonderland and he will show them how deep the rabbit hole goes. Choose the Blue pill, then the story ends and they wake up back in their own reality not knowing what was real and what was fake. So, what will it be? Face the crazy underworld and dive further into the rabbit hole or return to reality and believe what you want to? 


        In addition to our Blue pill and Red pill candy jar cutouts, we have also created a “There is no spoon” cutout to place behind your spoons for the party. During the first Matrix film Neo is told by a monk looking boy that, “There is no spoon”, and further says that, “you’ll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself”. These quotes imply that Neo (Keanu Reeves) should let go of his perception of reality as he is in the Matrix and anything is possible. The boy helps drive this concept into Neo's head by letting him know that he is the only one capable of changing his own reality in the Matrix. 



        Our “There is no spoon” cutout is the perfect backdrop for your utensils as your guests will cherish all of your wonderful Matrix decorations. This sign will bring your guests back into the world of the Matrix and back into the minds of Neo as he determines what is reality and what is not. Shop now through Etsy to purchase your very own Matrix party decorations for the upcoming movie release!


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