10 Fun Ice Cream Theme Party Games

  • Ray Galan
10 Fun Ice Cream Theme Party Games

Having an ice cream theme party is a fun and exciting way to celebrate, whether that is for a birthday, graduation, or just a summer party. You want your guests to have fun and be kept entertained throughout, no matter what their age is. Having things organized is one way to do this. We recommend having a list of the activities you are going to do and try to stick to them. Here are ten games and activities to have at your ice cream theme party!


Ice Cream Sundae Scavenger Hunt

This is a great way to get people up and moving. It has the same rules as a regular scavenger hunt, but it will include the things you would need to make an ice cream sundae. Include things like an ice cream scooper, the toppings, spoons, bowls, various toppings, and anything else related to making a sundae. Then, hide the items around the party area and let your guest find them. Afterward, they can make their own sundaes. 

Do not include the ice cream. You don’t want it to melt. Another version of this is to use pictures of the ice cream accessories instead of the actual items. 

Ice Cream Relay

Prepare the proper ice cream sundae toppings on a table for two teams. On another table, place two sets of ice cream bowls filled with ice cream. The two teams will race and grab each topping. When they have retrieved them all, they will assemble an ice cream sundae. Whoever does this first, is declared the winner. You have to make sure that all the ingredients are used. Otherwise, they cannot win. 

Blindfold Tasting Test and More

No matter what age your guest is, being blindfolded and attempted to identify ice cream will be a challenge worth doing. Try mixing different ice cream flavors and see if they can tell you each flavor. This game is not limited to ice cream. Use the toppings for the ice cream. You can even use some weird toppings to really make it interesting.

Another game to play with the blindfold is with a sundae. Use a blindfold and have your guest make a sundae. Watch out, it will probably get messy. 


Ice Cream Truck Race

This is for younger guests, though if the older guests want to participate, let them go for it. The goal is to design an ice cream truck made out of cardboard and then race it to the finish. The creativity with this game is endless and everyone gets to show off their one of kind ice cream truck. 

Cherry On A Spoon Race

Remember the game where you balance the egg on the spoon? This is the same concept, but with a cherry on the spoon instead. You will have to run to a designated spot while holding the cherry on the sundae spoon and not allowing it to drop. If it does fall, you must start over. 

Ice Cream Eating Contest

Who does not love an eating contest? Watching your guest compete to see who can eat their ice cream the fastest will definitely make some memories. Have them tie their hands behind them to make it harder. Make sure you put a lot of toppings on the ice cream, especially, whipped cream. 

Ice Cream Cone Line

This game requires the use of empty ice cream cones and a lot of sprinkles. You will also need an empty bowl to pour sprinkles into. Have your guest line up, having one person at the end with a bowl of sprinkles, while the other end has an empty bowl. Everyone in line will hold an empty ice cream cone. 

They have to scoop up as many sprinkles as they can with one try and dump the sprinkles in the cone the person next to them is holding. They will continue this down the line until they get to the empty bowl, where they will then dump all the sprinkles that remain. Keep this going until the bowl if filled or all the sprinkles are gone. 

Ice Cream Dice 

Spice up the way you make your ice cream sundae with homemade dice. First, you will need to create a dice that has all of the toppings for a sundae included. You can use a wooden block for this. Set a bowl of ice cream in front of each guest and have them roll the dice to see which topping they can put on their ice cream first. They will continue this until they have all the toppings on their ice cream. 

Drawing A Sundae

Let your little artist explore with this game. This activity is for younger guests. It’s not so much as a contest, but more of a quieter activity. This would be good to do as the party is winding down. It would be a great way to end the party. They can draw and color their own sundaes and take them home as a keepsake. 

Cold Hot Potato with Ice Cream

This game requires a very cold piece of ice cream. The traditional hot potato game can be played with anything, not necessarily anything hot. This is a twist on the original, using ice cream as the hot potato. Eventually, the ice cream will melt, and this could be the deciding factor of who wins or loses. It’s going to be sticky and messy, so make sure you are outdoors while playing. 


Planning any party is difficult. Having a theme to it can make it that much more challenging. An ice cream theme party is a simple idea that can be spruced up with a lot of colorful banners and yard signs to let everyone know your party is here. Set up to have a certain number of party games and activities for your guest to enjoy. They can be kid-friendly and hassle-free or messy and wild. It’s your party, so it’s up to you how far you want to go. 






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