How to Make Your Own Wedding Hashtag

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How to Make Your Own Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags are experiencing a real moment, and why wouldn’t they?  Whereas most aspects of the wedding are infamously stressful and expensive- the cake, the flowers, the outfits- a wedding hashtag is a great way to add personality and allow your friends in on the fun.  That is, of course, if you don’t let the process of making your wedding hashtag stress you out. 

Creating a wedding hashtag is a creative way to personalize your wedding without adding to the stress, and the process of making your own is surprisingly easy.  All you have to do is:

  • Start with the basics
  • Consider your tone as a couple
  • Keep it simple
  • Advertise, advertise, advertise!

  • Wedding hashtags are practically a staple of a modern wedding.  Don’t allow fear of social media trends to stand in the way of such a fantastic tool!  Read on to see how you can easily create a wedding hashtag that captures your unique spirit.

    Start with the Basics

    If you’ve seen any weddings documented over social media recently, you know what I’m talking about with this starting step: your names.

    Regardless of whether you plan to combine names, have one partner take the others, or keep last names separate, your wedding hashtag should start with this fundamental element of the relationship. 

     Look at your last names separately, then together.  Do they complement one another or rhyme?  Is your celebrity mash-up name funny or cute?  Are there any double meanings?  All of this is prime wedding hashtag gold!

    Outside of your names, it may be to your advantage to look at the elements of the wedding itself.  Where is it taking place?  What day will be your new anniversary?  Is there anything about this venue to which you’d like to draw attention? 

    Once you’ve played around with a few possibilities, it’s time to decide on what kind of tone you want your hashtag to set. 

    Match your Tone as a Couple

    Every couple shares specific energy; you likely know as soon as you sit down to dinner with them whether they are a more quiet and reserved pairing, whether they prefer spending their evenings on the couch or the dance floor.  

    In almost every case, that energy extends to the overall feel of their wedding and reception.  It’s not often you see your favorite party animals throwing a classic, subdued church wedding, for example!  

    Before settling on your wedding hashtag, take a moment to consider the overall feeling of your relationship, as well as the style of your wedding.

    Sweet and Romantic

    If the two of you are high school sweethearts with gentle, caring energy towards one another, you might want to consider one of these sweet and romantic hashtags.  

    • #SallyAndSamForever
    • #SweetlyASmith
    • #DitchingTheDavis
    • #2021ToForever
    • #SallyAndSammy
    • #ToastingTheSmiths

    Funny and Cheeky

    Are you two the life of every party? Own it!  That’s nothing to be ashamed of.  For those of us with slightly more “punny” humor, play around with ways to draw attention to your fun-loving side by taking advantage of a bit of wordplay.

    • #SallysASmith
    • #SmithUpTheChase
    • #UrbanSmiths
    • #CatchMeSmithYouCan
    • #DontWannaSmithAThing

    Understandably, though these are guaranteed crowd-pleasers, they can be a little challenging to come up with.  If you need a little help, try using this online pun generator!  Simply plug in your last name and scroll through the options until you find the perfect one for you. 


    Maybe social media just isn’t your thing, but you still want to enjoy the benefits of a wedding hashtag.  That’s perfectly fine!  Some people prefer substance over flash.  If this is you, consider one of these simple, classic options:

    • #SmithWedding2021
    • #ForeverASmith
    • #SmithsInLove
    • #SmithsToTheChapel
    • #HappilyASmith
    • #SmithsSayIDo

    Keep it Simple

    Remember, your wedding hashtag can only work if your guests understand it!  You don’t want typos to get in the way of this great social media tool.  Keep wedding hashtags simple to avoid a timeline filled with errors. 

    The ideal hashtag should be short, a few words long at the most.  No one wants to type a full-sentence length hashtag after their photo!  Differentiate between separate words by capitalizing each first letter to avoid confusion. 

    While you’re selecting your wedding hashtag, avoid using any unnecessary punctuation.  It may make more grammatical sense, but it’s a quick way to confuse your guests and make your hashtag more challenging to read.

    While you want your hashtag to be funny, you don’t want it to confuse anyone!  A memorable hashtag doesn’t have to be complicated.  

    Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

    The greatest part of a wedding hashtag is using it as an online tool to see all the pictures your friends took at your wedding.  It is true what they say: your wedding day is a complete blur.  Being able to see how others viewed your big day is an indescribable honor.

    That being said, your friends and family can only take advantage of your wedding hashtag if they know about it!

    Encourage your guests to use your hashtag at every given opportunity.  Include it on signs around the venue, cutouts in your photo booth, and the wedding invitations themselves.  Ideally, your guests should see this hashtag at almost every corner of your wedding venue as a constant reminder to keep the two of you in mind as they post pictures from the day.  

    Understandably, you don’t want to fill your gorgeously designed venue with tacky posters.  Instead, consider using custom-made wedding hashtag cutouts.  These cutouts are an elegant way to add the personalized fun of a wedding hashtag without compromising the class of your wedding.  Best of all, these hashtags are both simple to order and completely affordable, meaning they won’t add any extra stress to your big day!


    Creating a memorable wedding hashtag doesn’t have to be difficult.  Remember that your ideal hashtag should be brief, memorable, and match the spirit of your wedding.  Keep in mind that a wedding hashtag is nothing if your guests don’t know how to use it!  Take advantage of HashtagCutouts.Com to create gorgeous, professional cutouts that will perfectly advertise your wedding hashtag without detracting from your venue. 


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