LA Women's Entrepreneurship Day

  • Carmen Rad
LA Women's Entrepreneurship Day

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) helps to raise awareness of the important role women have in business. WED hopes to become the largest directory of women that help educate, empower, support, and celebrate women-owned and led businesses. Women are celebrated and supported throughout 144 countries every year. Many as 4 billion women have been empowered to become entrepreneurs and make a difference in their communities. This organization has also, inspired 250 million girls living in poverty to overcome financial hardships by educating them and providing a large Network of Women. Through events held worldwide like the one on November 19, 2018, in Los Angeles they can spread awareness and make an impact.

Hashtag Cutouts helped to make this event's message more effective and helped to increase the reach of WED towards empowering more women. At LA’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Day event, Hashtag Cutouts provided custom cutouts that red #lawomenmeanbusiness, #choosewomen, and #supportlocalentrepreneurs. Now when someone posts an image using one of these hashtags, they will be connected to other images that share this tag. This not only builds a brand but it builds a community as well.


Hashtag Cutouts create the perfect photo prop at any event to help increase awareness of your event and message. Hashtags are essential on social media for a few reasons especially for organizations attempting to gain a large outreach on certain platforms. A hashtag functions as a description organizer where anyone can upload content with a specific hashtag and can be looked up instantly. They help identify events, people, movements, and locations which increases the exposure on social media platforms. Messages are then easier to convey with the use of hashtags making the difference between people being exposed it or not.

Hashtags can often time become viral which provided the maximum exposure possible because people begin to hear it from others and see it on the top post on social media. Majority of these hashtags are catchy which draws the attention and becomes familiar to people that hear it or see it. They also increase the engagement of people on the post because they are easier to find and can be shared. It helps group separate people that hold the same values and be a part of something bigger than just one individual.

With Hashtag Cutouts, events are popularized and have become a fun way to become engaged in any group on social media. They also help make statements and increase the social media presence any group or organization may have. Before your next event, consider Hashtag Cutout as a tool to help get an engaging audience and increase the effectiveness of your message.


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