How to Make Your Event More Successful

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How to Make Your Event More Successful

You came up with the perfect hashtag for your event and after weeks of planning, you're ready to welcome your guests. Your guests--whether this is a corporate or private event--will share their experience online. The best way to track social shares and evaluate the success of your event is by using custom hashtag cutouts

A custom cutout with the event's unique hashtag helps coordinators measure the number of posts and shares related to that hashtag. Your publicity plan might include the launch of a new hashtag and having hashtag cutouts available at photobooths creates a form of free publicity. The event's custom hashtag creates an online community of people who attended the same event and thus makes it easier to connect after the event is over through social media. 

You can use a custom cutout for any type of event! Whether it be friends and family or purely business related. Mark special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays with a custom cutout. Celebrate these moments in a fun and simple way. Or, use a custom cutout to promote your business, your message, or a cause. You will often see those successful events will have a unique name or phrase used to make themselves stand out. You can use a custom cutout for any event and still keep it unique.

Start by creating the perfect photo opportunity for your guests. Your cutout should be placed somewhere visible where they can interact with hashtag cutout--such as at a photobooth or next to a backdrop. The hashtag becomes the focus of the photo and makes your event more exciting as guests interact with it for fun photos. Event attendees can easily pick up the cutout to take photos and upload them to their personal social media accounts--Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Your guests share an organic event experience that ties your event to their photos.

With custom hashtag cutouts, you can promote, do your targeting, and think ahead. The trick is to find and create your unique hashtag. It can highlight your business name specifically, the event, or a short motto connected to you or your business. But, remember to keep it as short as possible. If the hashtag is too long, your guests may not want to type it out or they may try to create different abbreviations. 


Websites have tools that can incorporate tools that highlight hashtags that you choose and that are associated with your event. These tools can measure the success of your event by looking up the hashtag on different social media platforms. By doing so you may get an idea of the organic reach your event has had amongst a wider audience.


Custom hashtag-cutouts will make your event more successful by making it a creative and interactive experience even after the event has ended. They will make your event and you memorable. So when planning your next event, use Hashtag Cutouts to ensure your event is a success. 





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