Custom Hashtag Cutouts for Weddings

  • Carmen Rad
Custom Hashtag Cutouts for Weddings

Let the wedding bells roll in! - One of our clients recently got married! Our #lovenotcanceled hashtag cutout was custom created for the wedding ceremony. COVID-19 has greatly impacted our daily lives, and it has affected how we celebrate special occasions. As a result, currently engaged couples--who are eager to get married--have looked for new but safe ways to hold their wedding ceremony during the pandemic. Hashtag cutouts are a great prop to have during special moments with your loved ones and those following you on social media! 

As the stay-at-home orders in California became in-effect, small public gatherings such as birthday parties, family celebrations, and events were not allowed by government orders. Similarly, it changed the way wedding ceremonies were held as local and state orders limited the gathering of a large group. This meant that many weddings were postponed out of precaution for guests. However, that didn’t mean that love was canceled. #LoveNotCanceled proves that love is still alive and well… we just have to adjust the way we celebrate. 


As the economy is slowly opening back up using safety guidelines and precautions, couples who are eager to get married finally have the chance to hold their wedding ceremony. Here are some helpful tips: 

Holding a Virtual Wedding Ceremony

This year brought many changes as well as new ideas that adapt to our current situation. Wedding ceremonies are much different this year as this special occasion has become a potentially dangerous situation. Large gatherings are not allowed in most places in the world today, but an estimated 2.4 million Americans get married each year. That’s a large number of wedding ceremonies that were expected to occur this year too. However, due to the pandemic, many are considering postponing their wedding to next year and some are considering to instead hold their wedding virtually! Booking a venue on the date you want to get married is difficult, but as many scramble to book a venue by the time the pandemic is resolved is terrifying! Virtual wedding ceremonies have become widely loved by engaged couples. It is a safe way of celebrating a special occasion together. You also don’t have to pay for an expensive venue nor worry about your grandparents making the flight! With the help of technology, it’s a great alternative to holding a physical wedding ceremony. Hashtag cutouts can be used to announce your recent nuptials! Share your hashtag cutout with your friends and family to spread the news or your recent marriage! Sending you warm marriage wishes!

Planning a wedding ceremony? The World Health Organization provided some guidelines for your guests to follow.*

  1. Inform yourself and others about local guidelines and regulations
  2. If you feel unwell, stay home and consider attending virtually
  3. Always wear a mask as recommended by your local and state health organization
  4. Maintain six-feet distance from other
  5. If you sneeze or cough, make sure you use a tissue and immediately wash your hands
  6. Don’t touch your eyes or nose
  7. Remember to advise your guests of the risks of contracting COVID-19 during the ceremony.
    1. Ask guests to quarantine for 14-days to ensure they don’t spread the virus
  8. Try to limit indoor activity and hold the wedding outdoors if possible
  9. Make sure guests have the opportunity to stay 6-feet apart to prevent the spread of coronavirus
  10. Provide hygiene products around the venue so that guests have access to them at all times. (i.e. hand sanitizer, gloves, sanitary napkins, Lysol wipes, masks, trashcans, etc.)
  11. Ask your guests to wear masks, and allow immunocompromised guests to attend your wedding virtually
Are you planning on holding your wedding soon? Consider Hashtag Cutouts! We create large, custom-made hashtag signs with your choice of color, size, and wording. Our team will reach out and send you proofs before we print to make sure you get exactly what you want... or even better!

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