Best Baby Shower Ideas For Summer 2021!

  • Ray Galan
Best Baby Shower Ideas For Summer 2021!

This summer, we expect to see so many amazing baby showers for many families happening. Setting a theme for your baby shower allows you to plan accordingly. You will be able to plan cute little trinkets, themed party favors, games, decorations, and food. Baby showers are not one in the same, and they can have any theme you want. A lot of people use things like baby animals or just a color theme. The beauty of it is that it is your baby shower, and you can personalize it to your taste! 


We know you need ideas, so check out these baby shower things for this summer. 


Nursery Rhymes Baby Shower Theme

Pick your favorite nursery rhyme and it can be your baby shower theme. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is a popular one many new parents are using lately. The gold and silver colors, with several stars and the Moon to round it out, can be decorated with such a variety of things to intricate this theme. While it is a children’s song, using it as a baby shower theme makes it a more grown-up look. 


Bees Baby Shower Theme

While pink has been a normal staple in many baby showers for some time, a lot of moms want to go outside of the norm. A black and yellow baby shower that centers around bees gives a unique theme, as well as giving you many options of how to decorate. Use flowers, honey, bears, (the most famous bear being Winnie the Pooh), or just use the black and yellow color that bees showcase. Either way, it will be a bright celebratory theme for your baby. 


Whales Baby Shower Theme

There are so many precious whale baby shower themes right now. It should be no surprise that the nautical theme has always been in the shuffle when a baby shower is being discussed. However, using whales has grown in steam this year. Don’t think you have to stick to ships and sailors, Go beyond that with other things out of the ocean in addition to the whales. 


Baby Elephants Baby Shower Theme

You may notice that baby elephants have been in themes before, but they have been partnered with other animals, as with a jungle theme. Now, baby elephants are in the up-trend this year all on their own. The beauty of this theme is you can use any color you like, so any decoration you choose will pair up nicely, like this Oh Baby sign. It’s also gender-neutral. 


Clementine Cuties Baby Shower Theme

Yes, the tiny little oranges can be a baby shower theme! Think about the color palate you can pair up with the base orange and the other fruit you can mix in with the cuties. Use decorations of leaves and other colorful fruits. A nice mandarin salad would be the perfect food to serve alongside the orange and green. 


Rainbows Baby Shower Theme

If you don’t know what color you want to have as the theme of your baby shower, why not have them all? A rainbow theme allows you to use any sort of decorations you want because of the array of colors within a rainbow. Nothing is off-limits with this one. You can make it as bright or as dark as you want. Plus, it is not centered around one gender or another. 


Ice Cream Theme

Summer is all about cooling down from the heat. Ice cream not only does that, but it gives a cute base for a baby shower. The mother-to-be won’t mind the loads of ice cream this theme will scoop out. Since there are multitudes of colors in ice cream, this can be great to celebrate a boy or a girl. 


Boho Relaxed Baby Shower Theme

Sit back and relax with a picnic, boho style. This baby shower theme will feature all things flowy, which is great for the star of the baby shower, the pregnant mother-to-be. The goal would be to have this outdoors. However, if the weather doesn’t permit, you could move the boho picnic inside. Everything is relaxed about this baby shower, even the food you serve. Let your guest eat from a simple platter of picnic-related foods and let mommy sit back and enjoy. 


Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Theme

This is something for those who want to make a statement of going for your dreams to their unborn baby. For this baby shower theme for a boy or girl, light pastels are used to showcase the hot air balloons representing your baby reaching for all their goals. A great thing about these decorations is they can be reused in the baby’s room. You can decide which colors work best for you and are your preference. 


Tea Party Baby Shower Theme 

Put your pinkies up. What a fun theme to bring about nostalgia for everyone. Instead of having a tea party with your dolls, you will be having tea with family and friends. Ask your guests to dress fancy as if they were going for high tea in England. The décor will be simple yet elegant with lace lining the tables and china cups to drink tea from. For food, you can go very traditional with scones or just stick with cake. 


Farm Décor Baby Shower Theme

This will be very rustic in style and will only work if you are someone who enjoys the outdoor lifestyle. Select farm doors in whatever color suits your preference and find rustic decorations to line the tables and surrounding area. Your guest can wear clothes you would wear on a farm to add to the fun. 



Baby showers are such a fun way to celebrate the new baby arrival coming soon or that has already made its way here. There are so many ways to design a party, and it’s even harder to narrow it down. Think about what you like, the colors that make you happy, and how much effort you want to go into the party. Don’t make it too difficult. It’s supposed to be a fun way to bring in the birth of your baby! Be sure to checkout our Baby Shower section for great product ideas:-)


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