Hashtag Marketing

  • Carmen Rad
Hashtag Marketing

One of the best practices for social media marketing is to utilize hashtag campaigns. This is an excellent marketing tool for social media because 71% of active users on social media use hashtags. Not only do they categorize information about specific topics, but they also build engagement among audiences. Every social media marketer should always post content that contains a hashtag to ensure its discoverability.

There are many different types of hashtags, so it’s important to know which type will benefit you and your goals the most. This depends on what your objectives are, whether it be to raise awareness or sell a product. Hashtags go beyond simply adding them into posts. The right one can boost impression and make you and your content easily searchable.

Here are 3 examples of Hashtag marketing:

Brand Hashtags

Working as a kind of signature for your social media platforms, a branded hashtag raises awareness. It can be your business’ name or a relevant slogan. But, there should be something unique and pointed to your business. A lot can be done with a brand hashtag. You can build awareness about your business and engage followers by encouraging them to spark conversations.

Trending Hashtags

On social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, you will notice a trending section that is constantly changing and updating with different holidays, movements, or events. These real-time trends can either be fun or serious topics. Popular trending hashtags can promote engagement with a larger group of people that goes beyond your usual followers. It can also be a way for you to showcase to your current followers a little bit of insight into what you and your business are like on a personal level. For example, if it is #NationalSpagettiDay and you post about it people will start seeing you more as a people person rather than simply a cold business. 


Call-to-Action Hashtags

This type of hashtag encourages your followers to do a specific task that may involve your brand. It gives your audience a sense of participation, can even make them feel like they are contributing to a cause, or potentially sell a product. #Bringit2TMO was a way to promote mobile users to switch over from their usual provider to T-Mobile. Call-to-Action Hashtags can be a fun way for you to directly interact with your followers and connect to those who may not be following you. 




Research can be done via keyword analysis before using hashtags in a campaign to help you find words and phrases with high volume and frequency of posts in relation to your chosen tag. You generally want to use ones that your audience can easily search and avoid hashtags that are too long and specific. This lowers the posts discoverability.

The only exception to this is when you are trying to create a community hashtag for an event. This allows you to take advantage of the categorizing effect sites like Instagram. You can see images from your events and connect to your event goers and others who may not have attended.

There are also many hashtag generator sites that can help you find the right hashtag for you, just type in a topic or keyword and they will show you some of the most popular hashtags that are used on social media. 

Your hashtag shouldn't be limited to the post. With Hashtag Cutouts you can make your custom hashtag cutout into a more interactive element within your marketing campaign. When you have your next event, you can use the custom cutout for your photos and encourage those who attend to tag the image with the hashtag. You can categorize images from the event as well as reach a wider audience. 


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