Customizing a Rustic Modern Engagement Party

  • Carmen Rad
Customizing a Rustic Modern Engagement Party

Hashtag Cutouts does more than design and create fun interactive photo booth props. They also create stunning and customized items for any event. Whether it’s a black-tie fundraiser or an elegant wedding, Hashtag Cutouts can elevate your next event and highlight you and your brand.

Today we will highlight the latest event that Hashtag Cutouts has created many beautifully customized accessories for a beautiful engagement party this month. The party took place on April 7 and celebrated the union between Camille and Ruben. For this engagement party, the couple wanted a modern rustic look. Hashtag Cutouts created a bar table wrap, burlap table cloth, runner and pillows, a bag toss game, a love sign cutout, and mini framed photo ornaments in theme, complementing the relaxed and natural look of a rustic wedding.

Let's begin with the beautiful white chandelier located at the center of the tent. The chandelier is a custom cutout that is lightweight and won't drag the tent down. It is made out of PVC, a lightweight but durable material which makes it perfect for outdoor use. This elegant touch takes what would be a basic tent and gives it a dimension of whimsy changing the whole feel of the interior atmosphere. The chandelier features candle silhouettes so when the light shines against the cutout, the shadows create the illusion that the candles are lit. While the engagement party's color palette includes white, Hashtag Cutouts can print this chandelier many different colors to match whatever theme your event is. 

The elegant bar table wrap features the couple’s name and the date of the part with the front of the table incorporating a dark wooden look with white cursive font. Hashtag Cutouts is among the few printing companies that can create customized wraps using white ink. They own some of the newest and greenest print technologies that allow them to print in white! One of the best details about this customized table wrap is the white leaf print crown that wraps the couple’s name as a way to symbolize their union. Not only does is this great piece in theme with the wedding’s rustic elegance, but it highlights the couple’s love.

What’s a wedding without some fun games? Hashtag Cutouts created a customized bag toss game in a similar style to that of the wooden bar wrap. But, instead of being dark wood it’s a classic brown wood look. The wooden print elevates the rustic theme by incorporating timber and wood with the white cursive font for the bar wrap and this bag toss game. The rustic theme features many references to nature and uses simple touches. Hashtag Cutouts elevates this through graphics.

Keeping within the rustic modern wedding theme, custom cutouts created burlap throws and pillows with the couple’s initials in the white font to make the letters stand out. If you look closely at the wraps and some of the pillows, you will see a white rose with leaves framing and almost lifting the couple’s initials, again highlighting the couple’s love for each other. The look adds to the wedding’s natural look full of homespun touches.

One of the featured centerpieces in this engagement party decor is a tree with mini framed photo ornaments. These mini framed photo ornaments feature pictures of the bride and groom individually and together. This tells the story of the couple’s journey to each other and their journey together. The great thing about these mini framed photo ornaments is that these images will last long after the wedding. The newly married couple can cherish their wedding day and their journey to this moment.

Finally, the love sign features the couple lovingly embracing each other surrounded by trees with their initials and date next to them. This banner was placed just above the party below. The sign is created with a durable material that ensures it will keep over time, giving the couple another great memento to hold onto from this special day.

While Hashtag Cutouts is most notably known for their hashtag signs and customized cutouts, their talents on creating customized accessories for any event. With the ability to create your own styles and designs you can allow your creativity to flow and stand out to your friends, family, and coworkers. As you can see from Camille and Ruben’s engagement party, Hashtag Cutouts was able to incorporate many elements to add to the modern rustic theme of the event. With Hashtag Cutouts, you will always know that you will be getting exactly what you want and be assured that all your accessories will last beyond the event.



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